David Moyes set for massive £10million payout

He had 5 years remaining on his contract when sacked by Man United

Sacked Manchester United manager David Moyes is set to recieve a

massive £10million payout from the club due to the fact that there is

still technically 5 years remaining on his contract.

United confirmed Moyes’ sacking on their official Twitter account at about 8:30

this morning after the clubs owners, The Glazer family, appeared to

finally lose patience with him after United’s 2-0 loss to Moyes’ former

club Everton on Sunday.

Moyes has been at the helm of United’s

worst ever Premier League season this year, but is still due to recieve

the massive payout from the club. The former Everton boss, who still had

5 years remaining on his United contract, earns £5million per year

including bonuses. Although he still has 5 years remaining, there is

believed to be a clause in the contract stating that a full payout would

avoid be made should Moyes be sacked.

Despite that clause, Moyes’ payout could be up to £10million, the equivalent of his wages up to the end of the 2015-16 season.



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