10 Most Exotic McDonald’s Specials Around the World

10 Most Exotic McDonald’s Specials Around the WorldMcDonald’s is serving more than 66 million customers daily in 120 countries around the world. They have probably the world’s largest fast food restaurant chain. The quality is the same in all 31,000 chains. The good thing is they offer unique, exotic,local depending the country they operate. For example they don’t serve pork products in muslim countries but instead of them, they serve McTurco. In India where beef is forbidden, many of the burgers are substituted with chicken. We can increase examples like them. May be that’s one of the most important strategy that makes them most successful fastfood company all around the world. Check out 10 Most Exotic McDonalds Specials Around the World below. If you are a McDonald’s fan, don’t forget to check 10 Most Creative Mc Donalds Ads too. Feel free to comment and add your exotic Mc Donald’s taste.

10 – Chicken Maharaja Mac

Chicken Maharaja Mac

09 – Kiwiburger – New Zealand

Kiwiburger - New Zealand

08 – McKebab – Israel

McKebab - Israel

07 – McLobster – Canada

McLobster - Canada

06 – McPork – Japan

McPork - Japan

05 – McSamurai Pork Burger – Thailand

McSamurai Pork Burger - Thailand

04 – McSausage Burger – Germany

McSausage Burger - Germany

03 – Tamago Double Mac – Japan

Tamago Double Mac - Japan

02 – Mega Teriyaki – Japan

Mega Teriyaki - Japan

01 – McTurco Kebab – Turkey

McTurco Kebab - Turkey



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