10 Most Stylish Wine Packaging & Label Designs

Packaging design can make a huge difference when you’re competing with hundreds of other brands on the liquor store shelf. Unfortunately I’m not a wine expert, so I often rely on the wine bottle’s label design when it comes to buying a wine. This is a collection of 10 fancy and innovative wine package designs. You would probably have one of these beautiful bottles on your kitchen shelf, even you aren’t a ‘’social drinker’’ like me.
Check out 10 Most Stylish Wine Packaging & Label Designs.

10 – Harem Sultan Wine

Harem Sultan Wine

Harem Sultan Wine is as much a lasting souvenir as it is a wine bottle, a keepsake for tourists after a visit to Turkey. Each bottle is dressed with a traditional kaftan of an Ottoman sultan, bearing the pattern worn by an historic ruler of the Ottoman Empire. These silk kaftans can be removed to pour the wine, then replaced upon the bottle as a conversation piece for Turkey travelers.

09 – Buddy Mulled Wine

Label Designs Buddy Mulled Wine

Speaking of seasonal mulled wine, the folks at Buddy Creative came to party with a product of their own, the Buddy Mulled Wine. Buddy sent this playful bottle out to friends and clients for the holidays, a design that featured a drunk-o-meter to show just how much fun this drink will deliver.

08 – Colier Sparkling Wine

Colier Sparkling Wine (2)

Colier Sparkling Wine (1)

Reynolds and Reyner developed a conceptual wine packaging design that they call Colier, an example on how they would brand a limited run, elite-class champagne.

07 – Vin Malbec

Vin Malbec

Designer Adrian Grilling developed this conceptual line of packaging for a brand of Malbec he has named “Vin”. The Vin wine packaging design features the word “vin” in an angular font on its side that is repeated on the box and the bottle.

06 – Elk and Wolf Chardonnay

Elk and Wolf Chardonnay

Elk and Wolf Chardonnay wants to serve their wine cold– so cold, in fact, that only aluminum could properly do the trick. The only problem there is that wine aficionados don’t only want their Chardonnay cold, they want it in a glass bottle. To help sell this unusual container to a group who might avoid it, SocialUK gave this aluminum bottle a classy, refined look

05 – Lazarus Wine’s Braille Wine Bottle

Braille Wine Bottle

The Lazarus Wine bottle features a label printed in big, bold braille with either a black or yellow background.

04 – Let It Grow Wine Bottles

Let It Grow Wine Bottles

Brazilian design firm LetItGrow wanted to reach out to their clients with a special gift. The designers took 100 empty wine bottles, painted them white and then illustrated each bottle by hand. Before delivering the unique work of art, they wrapped each unit in a vacuum-sealed black plastic label with a description about its contents.

03 – USB Port Wine

USB Port Wine

Due to a new EU trade rule, wineries can’t use the word “port” on their label unless the wine was actually made in Portugal. California’s Peltier Station Winery, however, discovered a loophole: they called their new dessert wine “USB” and put a tree with USB roots on the label. The binary code above the name on the front also spells out Peltier Station Winery, completing the look on this design.

02 – B Frank Wine

B Frank Wine

The best part about B Frank Wine’s label is the part you add yourself. If it’s time for a heart-to-heart with a friend, co-worker or lover, this is the bottle you want to have handy.

01 – Boarding Pass Shiraz

Boarding Pass Shiraz

the Boarding Pass Shiraz label is one of the most creative theme-based designs in recent years. The front label is essentially a boarding pass with the travel details replaces with information about the wine.
Via: Coolist



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